Cezar, Top Personality in Romania in 2013

Pop-opera  Eurostar Cezar Ouatu is one of the most accessed artists in Romania, in 2013, according  to Google Zeitgeist Top – http://www.bestmusic.ro/cezar-ouatu/stiri-cezar-ouatu/top-cautari-google-2013-zeitgeist-135054.html

Google  Zeitgeist  2013: what did the Romanians search for in the net? Eurovision 2013, Cezar Ouatu, Roger  Waters

Google has published the Zeitgeist Report which shows the most accessed topics on the search engines in 2013. What is the global top like, which are the most popular stars, concerts, movies, TV programmes in Romania? Here they are:

The most popular search on Google Romania, in 2013 is ” bac results 2013″, followed by “Paul Walker”, the “Fast & Furious” star’s unexpected death making him one of the most popular people in 2013, along with  “Sergiu Nicolaescu”, “Ramona Fabian” and “Mica Abracadabra”, all deceased in 2013.

Also in the top list search: “Eurovision 2013”, “movies 2013” and “Tranquila”. With regard to “Popular personalities”, they are Cezar Ouatu, Roger Waters – who sang in Bucharest last summer and Nicole Cherry – who made her extraordinary debut in “Memories”.

One of the favourite concert searches on Google is the “George Enescu Festival”, followed by the “Electric Castle” – first edition in 2013 and the Depeche Mode’, Roger Waters’ and  Sting’s concerts.The most popular TV-programme in Romania, according to the Romanians’ searches  is “Romanii au talent”, and the most accessed film, “Django Unchained”. “Pozitia Copilului”/’Child’s Pose”, the most praised and awarded recent Romanian film is also in the top.

Popular personalities

1. Paul Walker
2. Sergiu Nicolaescu
3. Ramona Fabian
4. Mica Abracadabra
5. Dana Nicolaescu
6. Cezar Ouatu
7. Gigi Becali
8. Roger Waters
9. Nicole Cherry
10. Irina Petrescu

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