CEZAR OUATU is the most dynamic and original Romanian pop-opera brand at present. Superstar of The Intact Media Group & Antena 1 Channel, since January 2015, as part of the newest season of “Te cunosc de undeva” Show. The Romanian representative at  Eurovision 2013, with the piece „It’s my life”, was ranked the sixth most popular European artist in the public top preferences and has now got the fastest artistic ascent, praised and rewarded by the Romanian and continental media. Also known as CEZAR THE VOICE, owing to his exceptional vocal qualities, the artist is a brilliant and innovative mix between his baroque countertenor speciality and a diverse and inspired music, addressed to a sensitive public. In short, a classical -crossover countertenor, gifted with a unique and extremely flexible voice which allows him to spectacularly approach opera, pop-opera and jazz in the same repertoire. He is also a magic scenic presence, a complex  singer, cherished  by thousands of fans from the entire world, an artist in search of the perfect balance between emotion and the artistic performance. He was born in Ploiesti, in a musicians’ family and  proudly carries on his father’s name, the late Florian Ouatu, first-flutist at the „Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic in Ploiesti,  a famous European artist and former professor at the Mozarteum Academy in Salzburg. Mentored and supported by him, Cezar  had  started studying  the piano since he was 6 years old and attended  the courses of „Carmen Sylva”Academy of Art and Music (Ploiesti), where he specialized  in jazz and choral conduct. He coincidentally discovered his voice at the age of  20 and decided to continue his studies in Italy, where he was accepted at  the prestigious „Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in Milan. He graduated it in 2004, with maximum grades and specialised in baroque under the guidance of the famous professor Margaret Hayward. Then, he attended  master classes with remarkable musical personalities such as: Jordi Savall, Sara Mingardo, Rene Clemencic, Magda Olivero, Viorica Cortez and Mariana NicolescoIt was a period of sacrifice and artistic accomplishment which culminated with the European appreciation  and a lot other important prizes: Francisco Vinas of Barcelona (The Best Counter-tenor), Competizione dell”Opera of Dresda (The First Prize ), Riccardo Zandonai  of Riva de Garda ( The Jury Special Prize ), The International Voice  Competition  Renata Tebaldi of San Marino (The Baroque Prize), Spiros Argiris of Sarzana (The First Prize ) and Hariclea  Darclee in Braila ( Prize for excellence). Considered the most valuable countertenor of his generation, Cezar Ouatu follows a remarkable international career. From  2007 to present, he interprets  memorable roles on the most prestigious European scenes: Teatro La Fenice in Venice (debut), Opera de Lausanne, Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, Berliner Philharmoniker and  Istanbul Philharmonic, Croatian National Opera, Schlosstheater Neues Palais  von Sanssouci  in Potsdam, the Romanian Athenaeum Hall and in representative baroque opera festivals: the Corinth Festival and Athens Festival, the MTO Festival in Milan, the Cuenca Festival, Musikfestpiele Potsdam, Handelfestspiele in Halle and  the Bucharest Early Music Festival. He successfully collaborates with exceptional international conductors and directors: Fabio Biondi, Alan Curtis, Jean- Christophe Spinosi, Ottavio Dantone, Diego Fasolis, George Petrou, Federico Guglielmo, Werner Ehrhardt, Emilio Sagi, Pierluigi Pizzi, Corrado Rovaris, George Petrou and Emmanuel Villaume and famous voices of the opera: Simone Kermes, Ruth Ziesak, Juanita Lascarro, Mireille Delunsch, Angela Gheorghiu and Olga Peretyatko in Istanbul, Dortmund, Berlin, Steinfurt, Halle, Bucharest  and  Lausanne. As a world premiere, he recorded many baroque operas : Il trionfo di Clelia by Gluck (MDG), Amor Oriental : Handel alla turca (Sony Classics), Ottone in Villa by Vivaldi (Brilliant Classics), the DVD of Pergolesi’s La Salustia (UNITEL CLASSICA), Requiem and Two Voices Motets by Cavalli (Tactus), Vespero delli Cinque Laudate by Cavalli (Dynamic), Bizzarrie, follie, stravaganze in musica (Amadeus ) and he still has  time to also give concerts in Romania,  on the most famous scenes in Bucharest and throughout the country.Very attached to his native town and the Romanian artistic values which he represents , he has become the soloist of the „Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic  in Ploiesti, on whose scene he concerts and devotedly honours his father’s memory. The countertenor  CEZAR  OUATU  is permanently invited  to hold recitals in Italy and in the entire world as a collaborator of the ensembles Cappella Musicale in Lodi and Claudio Monteverdi Chorus  in Crema. Owing to these invitations, he has got a repertoire including important works, specific for the opera genre: Dixit Dominus by G.F Händel, Te Deum by H. Purcell, Nisi Dominus, Stabat Mater by A.Vivaldi, Requiem by F. Cavalli and Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. In his rare relaxation moments, Cezar  plays jazz with a trio of friends, practices sport a lot (swimming), yoga, he listens  to music, cooks Italian food and travels. He is charismatic and is continuously looking for new challenges. The most spectacular of all is his participation in the Eurovision National Selection Romania 2013  which he absolutely won with a high audience score. Cezar highly represented  Romania at the  European Song Contest in Sweden  2013, where he  set an audience success which defied the jury’s decision and the geo-political arithmetics ( the 13 th place in the final act) and ranked him the third in the Australian public’s top preferences  and the sixth, in the European ones.  He was supported by celebrities such as Bonnie Tyler, Loreen, Andrea Bocelli, Vangelis , Angela Gheorghiu and Nadia Comăneci, praised for originality by the designer Jean Paul  Gaultier and was declared the Eurovision winner by important daily papers like the BILD and DER SPIEGEL which admired his unequalled vocal qualities and praised his professionalism. After the end of the competition, he set a You Tube view record for which Wiwi Bloggs declared him the most listened  singer in the competition. After his arrival from Sweden, CEZAR THE VOICE has become  a   pop-opera star and a project reaffirmed by a huge  enthusiastic public.  He has got the same success in Romania  where he is invited to concert with the tenor Andrea Bocelli and the soprano Angela Gheorghiu, on the ROMEXPO scene, on the 25th of May. Cezar is highly praised  by  press and acclaimed by more than 20,000 people present at the concert. CEZAR  OUATU  is an artist who loves his public with an extraordinary devotion. And they reward him with adoration, respect and permanent support through  tens of thousands  likes  and  impressive declarations on his page, CEZAR THE VOICE. The project with the same name was set off  in collaboration with HAHAHA Production,  on the  5th of  December  2012 and had a rapid success. The Voice promises an original and refined sound, based on melody, his unique vocal qualities: a warm timbre and spectacular acutes and on sensitive and passionate interpretation. His repertoire is complex and eclectic, and includes the most beautiful covers after movie soundtracks such as “Cinema Nuovo Paradiso”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Godfather”, “Seven Hills of Rome!, “The Mission”, opera arias in a modern orchestration,“Lascia ch’io pianga”(Handel)famous jazz, latino, symphonic-rock pieces, music composed especially for his voice: “It’s My Life” (Cristian Faur), “Painful Love” (Serban Cazan ), “Amore” (Cezar Ouatu & Alin Radu) and a projected single, composed by Vangelis. Recently, Cezar has finished the recordings for his first pop-opera album, dedicated to love and called CEZAR “THE VOICE OF LOVE”,  which is to be promoted through a national tour “The Voice of Love”. The album was released on the 8th of March 2014, in a concert in Ploiesti, in the standing ovations of a public seduced by Cezar’s art and magic presence. One of the representative pieces of the album,“Painful Love” is a hymn dedicated to absolute love and its interpretation impressed the press, the public and the entire virtual community gathered around Cezar. The recent release of the “Painful Love” video, produced by  CAT MUSIC ROMANIA in association with ARTSIDE, Arch. Ela Falca and directed by EDWARD ANINARU  PHOTOGRAPHY represented a high-sounding  and well-deserved success for Cezar and his team. Cezar  is  an elegant and a spectacular  artist and appearance for the camera. He is constantly invited in radio and TV shows, in which he sensationally and successfully approaches diverse musical genres, is interviewed and rewarded by prestigious show-biz magazines ( STORY, VIP ) and impresses everywhere through his art and human warmth which he sincerely communicates and shares  to everyone. Beyond the technical term ”classical-crossover countertenor”, CEZAR can be shortly defined through the love, professionalism and originality he shares to the dedicated public.

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