Who is Cezar the Voice ?

A new and original pop-opera musical project  in Romania!  A unique voice represented by CEZAR OUATU, the most valuable  countertenor of his generation  and  an opera singer with a successful international career !

A  classical-crossover countertenor, whose vocal flexibility allows him to  exceptionally and 13rarely sing  opera, pop and jazz as well! A brilliant and vibrant voice, whose unique color and spectacular high notes amazed and won thousands of fans’ hearts. The absolute winner of the National  Eurovision Selection Romania 2013 with the piece  “It’s My Life” – composer Cristian Faur – and the Romanian representative  at  the   Eurovision Song Contest – Malmo, in Sweden.

He was awarded The Prize for the fastest artistic ascent of the year Celebrity Award (THE STORY MAGAZINE) and The special prize for the most spectacular  debut and the way he represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest – 2013 (THE  VIP  MAGAZINE).  A charismatic and iron-bound artist who ranked Romania the fourth in the Eurovision semi-finals, and, after the end of the competition, set a You Tube view record, Wiwi Bloggs declaring him the most listened singer in the competition. His soulfulness definitely contributed to the quality of the show he brought out on the European scene. Stilishly dressed by Doina Levintza, he received the praise of the famous designer, Jean Paul  Gaultier, for extraordinary and originality. During the entire competition, Cezar Ouatu set an audience success which defied the jury’s decision and the geo-political arithmetics ( the 13 th place in the final act) and ranked him into the public’s top preferences. Supported and admired by Bonnie Tyler and Loreen, he was declared the Eurovision winner by daily papers like the BILD and DER SPIEGEL which appreciated his unequalled vocal qualities and praised his professionalism. As he himself declared, at the Eurovision, Cezar  set the performance of blending a rare and exceptional voice with an indisputable charm and an innovative and challenging show. The title of the sexiest singer  in the competition, awarded by the Wiwi Bloggs, confirmed  his potential and adequacy for successful public appearances.18

After his arrival from Sweden, CEZAR THE VOICE has become  a pop-opera star and a project reaffirmed by a huge  enthusiastic public. The high success is closely followed by the appearance with the tenor Andrea Bocelli and the soprano Angela Gheorghiu, on the same scene, in an extremely important and classy concert, in Bucharest. Cezar’s presence shines and is highly appreciated by the public and the press. His  media  image is later completed by a series of radio and TV shows in which he approaches various musical genres, demonstrating a spectacular eclecticism which marks his classic – crossover score.Gala bocelli 0

Set off with five months before the Eurovision start and in collaboration with HAHAHA Production, The Voice promises an original and refined sound, based on a sensitive interpretation, his phenomenal vocal performances and a total devotion for the public.

His repertoire is complex and eclectic, and includes the most beautiful covers after movie soundtracks such as “Cinema Nuovo Paradiso”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Godfather”, “Seven Hills of Rome!”, “The Mission”, opera arias in a modern orchestration,“Lascia ch’io pianga”(Handel), famous jazz, latino, symphonic-rock pieces, music composed especially for his voice: “It’s My Life” (Cristian Faur), “Painful Love” (Serban Cazan ),“Amore” (Cezar Ouatu & Alin Radu) and a projected single, composed by Vangelis. Recently, Cezar has finished the recordings for his first pop-opera album, dedicated to love and called CEZAR “THE VOICE OF LOVE”,  which is to be promoted in a national tour “The Voice of Love”. The album was released on the 8th of March 2014, in a concert in Ploiesti, in the standing ovations of a public seduced by Cezar’s art and magic presence.ALBUM 0 pr

His fascinating artistic abilities  are stressed by the “Painful Love” sound , for which Cezar shot a sensational videoclip, directed by Edward Aninaru Photography and  produced by CAT MUSIC Romania. His favourite themes are love and sacrifice which are transfigured by The Voice into artistic experience and poetry with a painful intensity. The success of his message is reaffirmed by an upcoming international release, an important Romanian tour and a real virtual fever which efortlessly promotes the electric combination of Cezar’s sensual and throbbing voice, his masculine charm and the original and sentimental music.painful cezar 1 ''

The virtual community  gathered around CEZAR’s name is a select one and enlarges  every day, promisingly expanding all over the world. Nevertheless, Cezar The Voice, humbly considers himself a Romanian product and dedicates all his achievements to his family, friends, his native town where he was brought up, Ploiesti and to the Romanian public whom he proudly and devotedly represented at Eurovision, in Sweden. These are qualities which complete the image of  CEZAR OUATU’s man and artist and provide an emotional and profound  touch to his professionalism and dedication for the public and art .