Cezar, higher than ever as “Bocelli” & “Angela Gheorghiu” in the same show

Winning & stunning Cezar’s performance amazed the public and the jury in the latest top rated “Te cunosc de undeva” edition ( the Romanian version of the famous “Your Face Sounds Familiar”). Cezar hit the highest and made everyone burst into tears with Bocelli’s “Time to Say Good-Bye”& Angela Gheorghiu’s “Copacul” with whom he brightly sang in a glorious show in 2013, in Bucharest. Great moments & full success duet, Cezar and his mother shook the stage & thrilled the audience and thousands of fans ! Cezar Ouatu, second time winner in the same show season, an Antena 1 production, every great Saturday night, at 8:30 pm CET!

Cezar as Angela GheorghiuCezar as Bocelli

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