Cezar Ouatu Released “Painful Love” Video

A resounding success, over 116,143 You Tube views in a year and media and public praise, in Romania and Europe, for the pop-opera star, Cezar & his “Painful Love” video! Produced by Cat  Music  Romania in association with Art Side , Arch. Ela Falca (Romania) and directed by Edward Aninaru !

The single can also be watched on InfoMusic, Best Music and many other Romanian sites and will be included in Cezar’s first pop-opera album “The Voice of Love”.


Cezar Ouatu represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest, Malmo 2013  with the song “It’s My Life”.The song was ranked 13th, one position lower than last year.

Eurofans about Cezar here – http://eurovisionireland.net/2013/10/24/romania-eurovisions-cezar-releases-video-for-painful-love/

“I make no secret of my devotion for all things to do with Romania’s Eurovision 2013 performer Cezar. Today I saw the release of his much-anticipated follow-up video <Painful Love>. Does it live up to my expectations? Of course it does! The song itself is a haunting pop/opera ballad that we reviewed earlier this year.

When you have an amazing countertenor voice, then you need a video to do it justice. The song is exquisite and the video needs to be just as lavish. There was no doubt that Cezar would disappoint us!

A simple story of once being in love and then having that person taken from you. Nothing ever seems the same again. Stunning scenery, locations and cars – this video has it all. It would have been an injustice if the video for <Painful Love> was not as opulent as the song and Cezar’s voice. He is called <Cezar The Voice>for a reason.

We are certainly looking forward to more music from Cezar – especially as we know that he is planning duets with Loreen and Sarah Brightman as was reported during the summer – read here.

<Painful Love> should not feel or look as good as this. Bravo, Cezar!”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief:  Garrett Mulhall

Source : Cezar’s  Facebook and Eurovision Ireland

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