Cezar:”The Best of My Music for a Vast Audience”

INTERVIEW Cezar Ouatu: “Now I am no longer singing for niche, I am singing for vast audience”.

Cezar Ouatu, who has been known as Cezar ‘The Voice’ after his participating in the Eurovision in 2013, prepared for his fans an unusual album, which includes melodies from famous love films, operatic arias that were arranged in the pop style and performed in an original manner.

In an interview to Agerpres, the singer speaks both of the melodies recorded on ‘The Voice of Love’ album and of the way it will be promoted.

AGERPRES: ‘The album marking your debut in the pop opera genre, which includes melodies of famous love films, is ready to be launched. When will this event take place?’
Cezar ‘The Voice’: ‘The media launch will take place next week. The concert in which I practically made my debut, which is one of a number of concerts I want to give all this year and aims to promote the album titled to all women. Why Ploiesti? As it is my native city, the city where I spent a very long time, and it was a superb concert, I had that phenomenon called which I think is the greatest reward for any artist, leaving other material values aside.’
AGERPRES: ‘One of the melodies of the album is also in an unusual orchestration. Singers having special voices very often choose pieces sung by the Queen group. Why?’
Cezar ‘The Voice’: ‘The reason is quite simple. I practically grew up with Freddie Mercury. I am 34 and he was effectively my generation, I grew up with the Queen, with Freddie Mercury. I think he is effectively a legend — a real legend spelt with a capital L and without quotation marks. Freddie Mercury and the Queen are legends for me and will go on being legends, exactly as Michael Jackson was part of my boyhood and effectively part of everything that was music at the time when I was a child. In the very first concert given in Ploiesti, it was the last piece to be performed as it is effectively a reference to immortality. This piece seems immortal to me, both from a musical point of view as it has been still topical since it was written, practically it is a piece I think will never die, will stay there, like Mozart, Vivaldi. High-quality music asserts itself without doubt.’
AGERPRES: ‘What other pieces are there in the album?’
Cezar ‘The Voice’: ‘Practically it is a complex album stylistically and musically. As I have said we have soundtracks from famous films, such as the theme of which is very well known. I hear it everywhere, I think that if I am on the underground or on a bus, I hear it as the ring of a telephone, therefore the theme of I have also decided to have it orchestrated again by Andrei Tudor too and have this unusual variant.
‘We also have everything from jazz to pop opera, even to operatic areas stylized in a pop manner, like the rondo veneziano. This area of Handel’s opera is an aria well known to Baroque music lovers, if I may put it like that, but here it is orchestrated again with a rhythm and the qualities of the pop piece of music as I think that Bach was one of the greatest jazz musicians, the music he wrote is very suitable to swing now, or Vivaldi, as it is also said, was a great rocker. Leaving aside the way he looked, with long hair and other things, but music, if we listen to the four Seasons, effectively if we also put a percussion instrument and a beat it is rock music all right. This is why I have decided to stylize again this piece of music, a superb aria, it is hymn, to put it like this, of all people listening to Baroque music — — it is one of Mirela’s arias in Handel’s opera and I have managed to turn it into pop music in my own way. This is why I am saying that we shall also have this new single, which I launched a few months ago together with a superb video clip you can see on the YouTube, as we have the dance piece which is written by me and my friend Radu Alin.”
AGERPRES: ‘How important is love for you?’
Cezar ‘The Voice’: ‘It is all important. I think I should not have been here now if I had not been the fruit of the passion and love first of all between my mother and my father and this album would not have been here either if I had not loved and done everything out of love. If we refer to inter-human love, naturally I need it as an artist and artists are generally said, and I can confirm it to you, to be constrained to a certain extent by love. There is no other way for us to be able to create.’
AGERPRES: ‘Coming back to the album, how did you come to the idea of such a project with pop opera music?’
Cezar ‘The Voice’: ‘I am an operatic singer, I have been for some good years on the international market. Practically, when I was 20 and discovered my voice, I made my debut in important theatres as a countertenor with classical training — I graduated from the Conservatoire in Milan, in classical singing too — and I have been singing and go on singing operatic music, but my passion for the opera made me think that the opera is not only a niche and is not only meant for a certain number of people.
‘It was in the very history of the Eurovision an unusual question, the more so as a countertenor. I know that at a certain time there was also a mezzosoprano, Malena Ernman, an operatic singer who was all the rage in Sweden, and she attended the Eurovision too. This made me very popular and it was then that I made up my mind. First of all, from a musical point of view, I like very much these musical adaptations, not only of some operatic arias, but also of these superb pieces such as the ones in the album — these superb pieces of music written by such geniuses as Morricone, Nino Rota, and I think that now I am no longer singing for a niche, I am singing for the vast audience. Already these communication means like Facebook, YouTube confirm the fact that I have become popular enough so that I can have a concert hall full of people and, why not, people standing in the end, at a concert like as the album is practically the name of these concerts I want to give both nationally and internationally.’
AGERPRES: ‘You have issued the album, you are to promote it. What are the next steps? What else would you like to do?’
Cezar ‘The Voice’: ‘It is clear, there will be this media campaign, lots of broadcasts. Nationally — I insist on making it clear that I am Italian too, by adoption, I have Italian citizenship — which is reason enough for me to want to have the same media campaign I have in Romania and carry it out in Italy too, as I am close to this country both gastronomically as I am a heavy eater and I would continuously eat pasta, but from an artistic point of view, as, you know quite well, Italy is a country boasting a long tradition from all points of view, art is at home in Italy, and then I want to have a promotion in Italy too. My dream is that I want this album to be in the homes of all people on this continent, in which I deeply believe and which is called Asia. I want to promote very much this album in Asia as they are the best consumers of music effectively.”
AGERPRES: ‘I wish you much success and meet you again at concerts.’
Cezar ‘The Voice’: ‘As long as this album goes to people’s homes and when you listen to it and realize that music and the language I use here and the theme, which is love, is sometimes more important than other material values. Sometimes we must make our soul nobler and I think that this product and this album has this part to play. May god help us and may it reach all Romanians’ houses as soon as possible.’AGERPRES, 6 April 2014

Photo credit: Radu TUTA / AGERPRES Photo

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