la salustia dvdG.B.PERGOLESI: LA SALUSTIA, World Premiere Recording

Live Recording from The Teatro G.B. Pergolesi, Jesi 2011
Vittorio Prato (Marziano), Serena Malfi (Salustia), Laura Polverelli (Giulia), Florin Cezar Ouatu (Alessandro) & Giacinta Nicotra (Albina)
Accademia Barocca De I Musici Italiani, Corrado Rovaris (conductor) & Juliette Deschamps (stage director)
Pergolesi’s first opera “La Salustia” is filled with emotions and dramatic elements. It portrays the battle of two women, their struggle for power and justice. Further, it is the story of failing deceitful plots and mistrust.
“Rovaris directs a crisply paced performance and the Accademia Barocca de I Virtuosi Italiani play gracefully […]. I admired [Ouatu’s] soft slow singing in ‘Andro ramingo e solo’” Gramophone Magazine, August 2013
“The singing and playing of La Salustia are both expert and enthusiastic…This work stands as an enjoyable example of Pergolesi’s art and of both stylish and virtuoso singing.” MusicWeb International, 13th May 2013.




Juanita Lascarro, Ahmet Özhan, Florin Cezar Ouatu
L’arte del mondo, Pera Ensemble, Werner Ehrhardt
“Amor Oriental” is many things in one – a modern Handel pasticcio, a combination of European classical music and Oriental Sufi traditions, and last but not least an out-of-the-ordinary fairy-tale with a happy ending. Featuring some of the best-loved Handel arias such as ‘Piangero’, ‘Ombra mai fu’, ‘Ah crudel’ and ‘No, no, ch’io non apprezzo’ in an oriental juice.

“In the case of performing the music of Handel, Werner Ehrhardt convinced with his ensemble L’arte del mondo,through lively and brilliant music. The countertenor Florin Cezar Ouatu sings the aria of Rinaldo with highly flexible and brilliantly guided voice. Expressively acts Juanita Lascarro as Arminda. Ahmet Özhan controls as a dervish the traditional Turkish song.” Das Orchester 11/2011


vivaldi_ottone_94105A.VIVALDI – OTTONE IN VILLA

Maria Laura Martorana (Cleonilla), Tuva Semmingsen (Ottone), Florin Cezar Ouatu (Caio), Luca Dordolo (Decio), Marina Bartoli (Tullia)
L’Arte dell’Arco (on period instruments), Frederico Guglielmo
“Ottone in Villa” (Otto in the Country) was Vivaldi’s first opera, composed and premiered in 1713, when he was already famed as Italy’s foremost violinist and composer of concertos. The story concerns Cleonilla, the mistress of the Roman emperor Ottone, and a young man Caio who courts her much to the distress and horror of his lover Tullia. The music is sensual and erotic rather than heroic, with lovely depictions of breezes and wild brooks from the orchestra.
CD-ROM containing essay, synopsis, libretto in English and Italian, artist biographies.
Period instrument performance.
Recording made in 2008 in the world famous Teatro Olimpico (Vicenza), designed by Andrea Palladio.
For the first time ever complete materials from the first performance of 1713 were used.

“Guglielmo offers an irresistable attraction in the singing of Maria Laura Martorana in the role of Cleonilla. Her clear, slightly fragile-sounding voice well suits the character’s femininity, crucial to the unfolding of events. Florin Cezar Ouatu is a versatile countertenor who effectively enlivens Caio’s role.” BBC Music Magazine, January 2011 
“the foolish emperor Ottone is characterised affectionately by Tuva Semmingsen…Romanian countertenor Florin Cezar Ouatu is an ardent Caio Silio: his coloratura singing in the enraged ‘Gelosia, tu gia rendi l’alma mia’ takes us to impressive heights.” Gramophone Magazine, April 2011 GLUCK – IL TRIONFO DI CLELIA, World Premiere Recording 

Hélène Le Corre (Clelia), Mary-Ellen Nesi (Orazio), Irini Karainni (Tarquinio), Burçu Uyar (Larissa), Vassilis Kavayas (Porsenna), Florin Cezar Ouatu (Mannio)
Armonia Atenea, Giuseppe Sigismondi de Risio
“Il Trionfo di Clelia” is an important opera seria and was composed for the dedication of the new Bologna Theatre in 1763. The lost original score of the premiere has been found, so that the work can be presented again in its first version, 250 years later as a world premiere recording. Hélène Le Corre in the lead role sings a fantastic Clelia; just listen to the breathtaking sparkle of the coloratura.

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