The Voice Of Love

Booklet_The_Voice_of_Love_okokok_Page_01CEZAR OUATU and CAT MUSIC presents you a world premiere and the most innovative album ever released by a countertenor. A hundred percent Romanian product, especially created for a spectacular voice, capable of approaching the most various musical genres: opera, pop-opera, jazz, dance, latino and rock-symphonic.
„The Voice of Love” is a collection of different rhythms, an imaginary sound travel throughout time in search of feeling and harmony. An impressive love declaration from soul to soul and dedicated to all who love and are loved.
Technically, the album is the expression of Cezar’s desire to transpose his inspiring voice into a multitude of contrasting and complementary musical combinations. Starting with Handel’s aria „Lascia ch,io pianga” in an up-to-date orchestration, the album designs a surprising musical track ending up with the dynamic rock-symphonic of the 90’s „Who wants to live forever” and the more recent „You Raise Me Up”. In between, Cezar is sharing a personal and sensitive invitation to fully abandon reserve and experience the power of endless emotion. Famous love stories revive on the most beautiful covers after the movie soundtracks of „Romeo and Juliet”, „Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”, „The Godfather” or „The Mission”. It is Cezar’s thrilling voice which combines the romantic with the fresh and ingenious jazz sound, his very speciality. Apparently, with no affinity with the rest, the Latino sound of „Historia di un amor” is as passionate as it can be while rendered by Cezar’s vocality. Its special vibration excites and is addictive according to his fans’ burning declarations.
The musical fever started with „Cinema Paradiso” and made Cezar famous for the colour and spectacular ambitus of his voice in Romania and abroad. His latest release is an original balad „Painful Love” which tells the haunting story of a never-dying passion. Its heartbreaking sound owes everything to Cezar’s vocal performance. His amazing interpretation impressed both the media and the public, and made the song rank the first positions in musical tops. As a result, „Painful Love” was broadcast by important European radio stations and became Cezar’s representative and most cherished single. Yet, his remarkable and complex skills go beyond the artistic rendition.
The bonus track on this album, the dance single „Amore” is one of the original pieces made by himself in collaboration with the composer Alin Radu. A pure inspiration dedicated to light and cheerful love, seductively conveyed by his magical talent. The entire song collection also owes its new and genuine sound to Andrei Tudor’s receptive mastery of orchestration.
„The Voice of Love” is a promise of full success for all involved: CAT MUSIC, the artist’s team and the public. Nevertheless, Cezar’s main wish is to touch everyone’s soul and provide them the chance to rediscover the inner sensibility they need so much. Love in all its aspects, either painful or blissful is the main theme of Cezar’s music. And his extraordinary voice is the main instrument which makes the magic possible.
„The Voice of Love” is Cezar’s voice, his feelings, art and devotion for the public. It is also a touching prayer to stir up feelings and relume absolute love. As Cezar is already an international star, it is him who makes the album bright and outstanding. For that reason and much more, „The Voice of Love” is a rewarding project and a musical accomplisment for both the artist and his followers.

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